David “The Gunslinger” Bach’s

World Series of Poker Cat Video

Nolan Dalla talks with Bach about cats, Razz, Moneymaker and more.

Bach’s killer nickname comes from a nerdy place.

WSOP Media Director and unofficial historian of poker, Nolan Dalla, conducts a proper style interview with former $50K Poker Players Champion David “The Gunslinger” Bach.

Bach is one of these guys you always see deep in the big buy-in mixed game tournaments but don’t know that much about – and Dalla’s here to change all that.

Bach, a seasoned veteran of the Series, loves poker and loves to travel with his cats. He finds Razz to be a more beautiful game than most and even reveals how he took on his bad-ass nickname of “The Gunslinger.”

Perhaps one of the more interesting tidbits of note is how Bach recalls that he was one of the first people to qualify for a Main Event seat from PokerStars and he did that in 2003 – the same year Chris Moneymaker did. If the cards had fallen different would we have had a 'Gunslinger Effect’?

Probably not. The dude’s name is Moneymaker.

So press play and get to know a little more about this very likable mixed game specialist.

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