Phil Hellmuth – Return Of The Brat

Reports of Phil berating former champ Duhamel.

It was just last month that Phil Hellmuth sat down in front of the PokerStars camera to declare that he’s a wiser, more mature poker player who had, essentially left “The Brat” persona behind.

You see, he’s positive. In a real good head space even. So as he joined the table of former World Series of Poker Champion Jonathan Duhamel (and snappy dresser Matt Salsberg) one would expect some good-spirited competition.

The “Boucherville Baller” in this case is Duhamel and from the ensuing reports we’re guessing that it didn’t work out too well for Hellmuth.

PokerNews caught the end of Hellmuth’s run which, according to the live reporting, had Hellmuth sitting with a ton of chips before he got involved with Duhamel.

“I had 200,000 and now I’m out,” said Phil Hellmuth to Greg Mueller.

“I never lost a pot on tilt, though. Duhamel just kept beating me,” added Hellmuth.

First his stack and then his temper, or the other way around. Either way, Duhamel, for his part, seemed to take it all in stride…

Hellmuth gunna Hellmuth, indeed.

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