Desperate For Attention – Cash Game Pro Offers Pronounced Banner Space

People want into the WSOP Main Event by any means necessary.

Honestly, we’re not sure how we feel about this one. It’s both wacky and probably somewhat sexist – we’ll let you decide.

Unknown and self-proclaimed “cash game pro” Jennifer Miller created this video as a sales pitch for potential advertisers to chose her body as a prominent place to put their product. In what many women will probably consider an affront to women in poker, she’s using the old adage sex sells to try and pick up some extra bucks.

Citing the free-flowing cash patch-me-up days before Black Friday, she points to an example of a lump on a log getting $5K to wear a patch because he was seated next to a big time pro on a TV table. She feels like that was a bargain compared to what you’ll get with her.

Is there any chance someone will take her up on this?

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