He Said, She Said – Shulman Contradicts Matusow Over Series Of Events

Card Player's Shulman is 100% in support of Matusow penalty.

It’s got to be a pretty good sign that the World Series of Poker is going pretty smoothly if there is still chatter over a one round behavior based penalty that happened a few days ago. If you are not familiar with the original story, check out the following:

Read: Mike “The Mouth” Matusow – Bulldozered By WSOP Floor For “Outrageous Behavior”

It didn’t take long for some of the biggest names in the game to come out in support of Matusow, including Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth.

Now though, Card Player Magazine’s own Allyn Jaffrey Shulman has come out with a very different account of events that does not paint the same picture as the one that originally emerged.

She insists that from the moment she got seated with Matusow, the Mouth couldn’t stop uttering profanities:

I was moved to a table with Mike Matusow. From the moment we were seated, the players were subject to Mike’s constant stream of profanities. Whatever subject he was discussing included expletives such as Mike saying he had the worst F***ING* luck or some other F***ER did this or some ASSHOLE did this F***ING BULLSHIT.

She talks about how this behavior goes on, for over 10 minutes, and she started looking for a floorman – but there were none in sight and the dealer didn’t do anything.

When Mike won the hand in question, she claims things went from bad behavior to extreme.

After Mike won the pot, he started screaming he was the greatest F***ING player in the world, no one F***ING deserved this like he did, etc. He pounded on the table making the chips shake and then started running around the room whooping, hollering, yelling, jumping and swearing.

Here’s yet another detail – Shulman claims that rather than the players coming to his defense, the players were the ones actually complaining.

IT WAS THE PLAYERS WHO COMPLAINED. Now why would the good folks at the table do that? Clearly Mike had been out of line since the redraw. So after he won the pot and continued his loud, foul-mouthed unruly behavior, some players finally had enough and complained.

Then floorman Dave Lamb, who many have come to the defense of noting his well-respected tenure in the industry, came over and, according to Shulman, calmly asked what had happened…that’s when Matusow lost it on him.

Dave calmly, quietly but firmly asked Mike a number of times to step away from the table. Not only did Mike refuse to move from the table, he was up in Dave’s face yelling and cursing with his normal diatribe of vulgarities bellowing something like you can’t F***ING give me a BULLSHIT F***ING penalty; that would be the worst F***ING ruling in the history of poker. (with emphasis on the word F***ING.) It was only at that point that Dave Lamb quietly said NOW I am giving you a one round penalty.

Boom! Shulman cites that Matusow had already been given a warning earlier for profanity and he was given his penalty based on his use of profanity.

What was also not reported was that during the one round penalty, Mike came back to the table STILL swearing, threatening and saying it was the worst F***ING BULLSHIT penalty in the history of the WSOP.

Read Shulman’s entire account of events over at Card PlayerWSOP: The Matusow Penalty

If you think Matusow is going to take this account lying down, then you don’t know “The Mouth.”

Brett Collson, Managing Editor at PokerNews, asks:

Will others come out to corroborate Shulman’s side of events? Who do you believe?

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