Brandon Cantu Fights Jesse Martin In The Amazon Room

Heated words turns physical at the World Series of Poker.

If you ask Brandon Cantu, this is a whole lot of nothing.

In the middle of Event #41 at the World Series of Poker, a debate over the action in a hand that involved between Cantu and Matt Szymaszek spilled over into the room leading to a heated verbal and physical exchange between Cantu and poker pro Jesse Martin.

PokerNews was on the scene:

With the floor called to Brandon’s table and words being exchanged between Cantu and Szymaszek, Martin, from tables away, decided to get involved and stand up for his pal Szymaszek.

Jesse Martin, from the next table over, shouted to the tournament director, telling him that Szymaszek “plays draw games every day,” knew the rules, and was not attempting to angle shoot.

“Shut the f*** up,” retorted Cantu, bluntly.

The arguing then turned from Cantu and Szymaszek about the hand to Cantu and Martin. The exchange between the pair escalated when finally Martin apparently touches a nerve with Cantu.

“You’re an angle shooter, Brandon,” said Martin. “Nobody f***ing likes you.”

Cantu then moved to Martin, apparently getting a punch or a push in before the floor staff and security could intervene.

Cantu was restrained and given a one round penalty for the incident. Additionally, according to the interview conducted by Sarah Grant over at PokerNews, he was also forced to apologize if he wanted to get back in the tournament.

Reactions to the incident have not been favorable for Cantu thus far…

Although, Bluff Magazine's Minister of Information, Kevin Mathers, had this to offer from a thread currently taking shape on the Two Plus Two Forums:

If you notice, the interview was broken into two parts. After completing the first segment, Kessler (who was watching the interview off to the side) was talking to Cantu and said he’s never seen Cantu angleshoot in his life. Cantu then asked him to go on camera and say that. For whatever reason, Kessler doesn’t do that and then Cantu does the second part of the interview.

See what Jesse Martin has to say about this right here: Jesse Martin Counterpunches Cantu In Escalating War Of Words

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