Jeff Smith Wins The Loneliest WSOP Final Table Ever

If a bracelet is won and no one is around to rail it, does it count?

We all know that Brock Parker won his third bracelet last night and, yes, Jonathan Dimmig became a millionaire but that’s not all that went down at the Rio last night.

Something else monumental took place off in the corner of the Amazon Room that went relatively unnoticed – California’s Jeff Smith quietly finished off the remaining field of 1940 runners and won $323,125 and his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet in a bleakly attended Event #9 WSOP $1K Final Table.

A couple of off-duty dealers getting resting their feet and an outcast tournament reporter were, pretty much, the only witnesses to what is, for sure, the most triumphant moment of Jeff Smith's poker career.

With no big names to boost the cred of the table and the low buy-in, this bracelet event was all but forgotten in last night’s melee of poker coverage at the WSOP. Nevertheless, just because no one happened to rail the event doesn’t diminish the accomplishment of Smith. So say we!

Congrats to Jeff Smith, champion of Event #9 and new proud owner of a WSOP bracelet.

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