Daniel Negreanu Jumps In The Fray With Dutch Boyd, Piles On Mason

Negreanu vs. Two Plus Two takes another turn.

Last night, after Bluff Magazine posted their video reaction of Dutch Boyd speaking out about the judgement against him in his case against Two Plus Two and, therefore, Mason Malmuth – poker superstar Daniel Negreanu used the opportunity to open some old wounds and take his own shots at the 2p2 head honcho.

If you haven’t seen the video: Dutch Boyd Lashes Out At Two Plus Two, Mason Malmuth – 'He’s A Bully’

The video began to spread, and was subsequently posted on Two Plus Two itself, where the debate over which side – Dutch or Mason – heated up all over again.

Mason, once again, stated the position of Two Plus Two and some facts that he thought were being misconstrued.

Negreanu then, almost randomly, jumped into the thread to post this bizarre message in response to Mason stating that “we did what we had to do”:

Something that may be of value to you in your life is understanding the distinction between “have to” and “choose to.” You didn’t “have to” do anything, you CHOSE to.

Just like you don’t “have to” get a psychiatric evaluation, that would be a chose. One I would suggest so that you get the medication you need, but again, it’s a CHOICE not a “have to.”

You don’t “have to” take meds, but choosing to not take them has consequences associated with that.

He seems to be implying that Mason needs a psychiatric eval and to be put on meds. It could be that he was just posting an example, a out-of-left-field passive-aggressive example.

It didn’t end there, at the same time, he came out and sided with the controversial Dutch Boyd on Twitter:

This isn’t the first time “Kid Poker” has tangled with Two Plus Two. In addition to running his own competing poker forums, Full Contact Poker, Daniel had been unceremoniously banned from the popular poker forum a while back which led to Daniel going on the QuadJacks Radio program and engaging in a debate over the practices of the forum.

See the conversation going on at Two Plus Two including Mason’s rebuttal:

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