To Be The Best One Must Befriend The Best

To be successful, surround yourself with success

Here’s another very worthwhile article from Barry Carter over at PokerStrategy about how to take your game to the next level. Now, while he works for Pokerstrategy and he’s going to be pushing their strategy forums, the basic angle of the article is that while you can read book and watch videos – talking poker with those in the know is the best and fastest way to get better at the game.

The tippy top of the highest level pros never talk about watching videos or the best new book, once they have consumed that stuff, it’s going over hands with poker minds that can help them see their plays from a different angle that shows them the light.

Something always bothered me, however, with many of the top players. I noticed that when a lot of them had 'made it’ they seemed to talk less about learning using the traditional methods like videos, books, doing equity calculations etc. I always wondered if they had gotten cocky and dismissive about their learning?

I now realise that what tended to happen is that once they reached the EPT levels of success, these more academic forms of learning would become replaced by more high level discussion.

So check out this write-up from Carter who brings it back to the fact that if you want to get better at playing poker, surround yourself with people who play at a high level and talk it up! Jump in a social setting or poker forums like Pokerstrategy, Two Plus Two, Cardschat, FlopTurnRiver or PocketFives to find out if you played the hand wrong or just got unlucky.

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