Haralabos Voulgaris

Thinks It’s Silly To Think One Drop Can Continue As Is

Last year’s participant is this year’s spectator.

Haralabob no longer enjoys the pokerz.

Sports betting guru in basketball and one-time poker pro Haralabos (Haralabob) Voulgaris talks pretty candidly with PokerNews about why he thinks the Big One For One Drop $1M buy-in tournament didn’t sell out this year.

Rather than play himself, Haralabob just took a bunch of pieces of people in hopes to get a return on his investment, especially since some of the biggest fish in the tournament (the businessmen) were some of the first to bust. In fact, if Voulgaris were a betting man, and that’s all he is, he’d say the One Drop is a dog to continue in the future as most of the original “spots” in the tourney looked at it like a one-time favor to One Drop founder Guy Laliberté.

One guy who is still in the field is Erick Lindgren who Haralabos famously outed for owing him a ton of money from fantasy sports betting. It seems that debt is no longer a problem for Haralabos as he sold it “pennies on the dollar”, assuming he’d never get paid back.

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