Phil Ivey Doesn’t Do Email, Doesn’t Pick Screen Names

Phil Ivey doesn’t care what you call him. You pick.

That was just latest tale of Ivey floating around the Rio yesterday. Ultimate Poker's Head of Pro Marketing Dustin Iannotti had the unfortunate distinction of having Ivey sit to his immediate left during Day 3 and while they would be playing for the first time together, it wasn’t the first time Iannotti interacted with the best poker player on the planet.

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You see, Dustin used to work for PokerStars, and essentially Full Tilt Poker, and he tells Bluff Magazine how it was actually he who picked Ivey’s now popular online screen name “Polarizing”:

The two do have a history though, even if Ivey is unlikely to know it. Prior to joining Ultimate Poker, Iannotti worked with the Rational Group as the Head of Pro Marketing for Full Tilt Poker. Following the acquisition by PokerStars Ivey wanted to return to the tables but didn’t want his screenname to be ‘Phil Ivey’ so he had to call Iannotti to get it changed.

“I asked him what he wanted it changed to and he told me ‘I dunno, you pick something’,” said Iannotti. And just like that Ivey became ‘Polarzing’ on Full Tilt Poker. According to Iannotti, Ivey asked him what it meant.

So how’d it go for Dustin? Well, he’s busto from the Main Event. Ivey, who entered Day 3 as the chip leader, still sits in the top 100 with over 500K in chips.

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