World Series of Poker – Post Series Assessment

Have your say about the ultimate summer series.

You’d think after 45 years the World Series of Poker would be set in their ways, but with a game that changes as rapidly as poker, the hosts of the ultimate summer series also finds themselves adjusting.

While, we think, the general consensus if that the WSOP did an amazing job during it’s 2014 campaign, Executive Director Ty Stewart still reached out, online, asking anyone who played to give their feedback.

Everything is on the table and up for your personal assessment (assuming you made the trip this year). Have dealer problems? Let them know. Hate the fact that bananas cost $2.50 in the poker kitchen? Let them know. Think the Daily Deepstacks are the best?! Let. Them. Know.

Here’s some of the feedback they have already received: Longer breaks during the Main Event, run the $235 Daily Deepstacks twice-a-day, less aggro people in the hallway, having some Day 1’s be online events, more PLO events and …

Two “Monster Stacks” next year.

Structure changes.

Allow headphones when ITM:

More novelty tournaments:

So while most of the feedback was an addition to a positive experience, not everyone feels the same. In fact, some can’t express themselves in 140 characters. So, if you are of a mind that you did NOT like some of what happened at the WSOP, perhaps this next read will interest you.

Former PokerStars executive Dan Goldman recently took Caesars to task on some of the ways that the WSOP is handled. From the cash game rake to the “pervasive lack of understanding of poker” as he puts it. Goldman is an industry vet and doesn’t level these charges lightly and in his post Six ways Caesars screwed up the World Series of Poker he basically is looking for Caesars to take the next step in quality assurance for it’s players. Players he says helped the WSOP make $50M in 6 weeks.

So given my acknowledgement of the horrifyingly complex logistics of the WSOP, is it fair or reasonable for me to level these kinds of criticism at Caesars? I think the answer is a resounding yes. From tournaments alone this year, the Rio will gross about $12 million in fees. I would guess they snare more than that in rake, although I’ve never estimated it.

We have a right to demand a high level of service, and Caesars has had more than enough time to get this right.

Are you listening, Caesars?

The WSOP has been over for all of 3 days and we can’t wait to see what will happen next year.

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