Chris Moneymaker

Doesn’t Follow or Play Much Poker Anymore

It’s a late arrival to the WSOP for it’s signature champ.

With only a couple weeks to go, Moneymaker makes his way to the Rio.

PokerNews's Frank Op de Woerd tracks down the elusive man behind the Moneymaker effect, Chris Moneymaker to find out just where the hell he’s been all series long.

Turns out, Chris just ain’t that into it.

It’s family first for Chris and if he’s being honest, despite being a long time Team PokerStars Pro, his late arrival to the World Series of Poker is because he just doesn’t play poker that much anymore. In fact, he doesn’t even really follow it.

Despite that and a previous engagement at the Hollywood Poker Open, Moneymaker has finally arrived to get warmed up for the Main Event.

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