Daniel Negreanu

Wants To Celebrate His 40th With You

Negreanu chooses Marquee LV as the center of his birthday bash.

Celebrate good times.

Like Antonio Esfandiari before him, Daniel Negreanu is having a hosted birthday party that is open to everyone of age…as long as you have a few bucks.

While there’s no guarantee that you can get close to Kid Poker, or even a guarantee for how long he’ll be there, this weekend, Daniel is letting Marquee Las Vegas wish him a Happy Birthday and you can be there for it.

And if it’s anything like how Antonio’s turned out, he’s going to have a pretty great time.

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Want to join Daniel during the Marquee Dayclub this Friday? $20 for dudes and only $10 for the ladies. Not a pool party person? Hit up the Nightclub Saturday night – $40 for the fellas, $20 for females.

So Happy Happy to Daniel Negreanu this weekend as he officially turns eligible for the Poker Hall of Fame.

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