Learn How To Stop Worrying And Love The Donkbet

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Retake the lead with a bet into the pre-flop aggressor. Donkbet.

It’s true, the word “donk”, the word in poker most in need of retirement, is embedded right in concept but that doesn’t mean that it’s a move simply for weak players who are trying to protect their marginally strong hand. No, it’s a useful tool for the skill set of any player and the tournament playing obsessed over at Tournament Poker Edge want to help you read its meaning and be more effective at using it.

Put aside the name for a minute and think about how you currently interpret donkbets. Now think about how you could exploit a player who interprets them just as you do?

If you’re like 90% of the poker players I know you probably just realized you have a potential major leak in your game; lucky for you most good players don’t employ the donkbet in their game either.

Sound good? It is. Check it out: Donkbetting 101: What They Mean and How to Use Them

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