Daniel Negreanu Pays Up, Pants Off

Human interest story has bizarre ending.

This video is not what it seems.

The WSOP put together a fun human interest story about a woman who bet Daneil Negreanu $10 that she could quit smoking and drinking soda for a year. She stuck to it and Daniel pays up – a fun story of Daniel encouraging someone to get healthier, right?

But, what is up with Daniel paying off the bet with his pants undone?

It’s truly bizarre. As Daniel and the woman have their quirky exchange, in the middle of the Amazon Room, his belt is undone and his fly pants are unbuttoned as handles his money.

That’s not weird!?
C’mon, we like Daniel too, but that’s weird, man.
Oh, so now we’re weird for noticing??

You’re weird.

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Bonus: More feel good Main Event video from Nolan Dalla and the WSOP

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