Daniel “Jungleman” Cates Chatbox Fight Includes Accusations of Cheating, Hitmen

Heated high-stakes chatbox gets hilarious.

Our pals over at HighstakesDB got this one on lock yesterday and it’s pretty good, so we had to share.

According to HighstakesDB, nosebleed elite online grinders Daniel “Jungleman” Cates and Noah Boeken got into a a verbal tussle in the chatbox of one of their heads-up matches recently and the accusations began to fly.

First it was Jungle (who plays on PokerStars as 'w00ki3z’) who accused Boeken ('Exclusive’) of account sharing—a form of cheating—by letting Patrik Antonious play under his user name. This basically set Boeken off.

Exclusive: “whenever u lose u just think people cheat”
Exclusive: “haha”
w00ki3z.: “you admitted patrik played”
Exclusive: “u played so fckin bad that day my sister woulda beat u”
Exclusive: “patrik has his own account”
Exclusive: “r u fcked”
Exclusive: “u think i need people to use my account”
Exclusive: “pathetic”

Of course, that’s not the end of it. Why would it be? Boeken and Cates keep up the jib-jabbing and this time Boeken hints about a story that involves…“hitmen??!”

w00ki3z: “you can go **** yourself”
Exclusive: “ya”
Exclusive: “just dont sent me a hitman for christmas”
w00ki3z: “youre making it tempting”
Exclusive: “guy wasnt even alone”
Exclusive: “his whole family there”
Exclusive: “ur sick”
w00ki3z: “oh that?”
w00ki3z: “i dont know anything about that guy”

But he clearly does know of whatever incident Boeken is referring to. A “hitman”?? One has to wonder if the man who couldn’t even find his way to the correct San Jose airport would be able to locate a hitman to do his bidding in the first place. If he can, should we delete this post?

More good stuff from the kids at HighStakesDB, go check it out.

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