New York Post Takes Aim At “Sleazy” Life of Professional Poker

The New York Post, not exactly the Times mind you, published an article (which originally appeared in an Australian publication) this weekend that has ruffled the feathers of more than a few in the poker community. Entitled 'Inside The Sleazy World of Professional Poker’ the Post tries to shine a light on the “dark game” being played at the professional level.

Unfortunately, it’s not what you’d hope – a juicy tell all of a noted poker player. Instead it’s barely “inside” and hardly revealing. It’s a payday for the author.

Interested? Of course you are.

The anonymous source, he won’t give his real name, talks about hanging out with degenerates and spending 8 hours a day around these undesirables.

It’s a lifestyle that attracts a particular kind of person — the kind who doesn’t mind spending eight hours every night at the casino with some shady characters with disreputable backgrounds.

“A lot of the players have disreputable histories,” he says. “Some of the renowned players just basically scam people for money.”

Anyway, it’s something to consume but not to take too seriously. Fact is, the dark underbelly of poker is what gives it a little of it’s appeal. It’s a “dangerous” game that “everyone can play” – including James Bond, Mike McDermott and yes, even you.

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