Amanda Musumeci Goes On The Attack, Wants Her $5K Back

*partypoker* hired gun gets put on blast for alleged debts unpaid.

Oh snap! Do not mess with professional poker player Amanda Musumeci, especially when it comes to getting paid, because she does not issue idle threats.

It seems that, enough was enough for Amanda and late Monday night she put out an all points bulletin on former friend and sometimes poker media member for partypoker, Kim Shannon. According to a new blog post on Amanda’s website a charitable beginning of letting a new friend have a place to crash led to an Odd Couple lifestyle where it was agreed that the duo would split expenses.

Eventually though, according to Amanda, instead of paying her share Shannon just split, while allegedly owing Amanda $5.5K worth of rent, house supplies and smokes. Now, here we are, a couple years later, and Musumeci writes that she has tried to be patient, she never received the money.

I obviously have scammer bells ringing sooo loud n clear in my ears! I pretty much snapped on her at this point and told her to get out of my house. It was Christmas, but I honestly didn’t even care. I told her this run around was absurd and that story makes no sense. I felt like she was playing me for a fool.

Amanda leaves no private conversation private. The blog post has DMs, text messages and just about anything one could want to read in support of Amanda’s side. While there may be two sides to this story, as of now, Kim has opted to keep her side private at this time.

So if you like yourself a little poker drama, you may get a kick out of reading up on the situation that’s currently going down. It’s a matter of private debt going WAY public (as Amanda published her blog, posted it on Two Plus Two, reposted it on Poker Fraud Alert and even on her blogspace on Card got everywhere.) and there’s a good likelihood that something like this, which looks pretty bad for Shannon and therefore for employer partypoker, could cost someone their job.

Curious? Of course you are…Go head, check it out:

Read (the long post): Scammer(subjective) Alert: BEWARE OF KIM SHANNON

More Amanda: Amanda Musumeci All Business, No Drama At WSOP

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