High Stakes Hobgoblins – UK’s Roland de Wolfe Accused of Collusion In Parvizi Lawsuit

Casino sued by poker playing investor for past losses.

Were there some high-stakes hijinx going on or is this a case of sour grapes?

According to the UK’s Telegraph, poker playing investor Iraj Parvizi is taking the Les Ambassaduers casino to court over a string of high-stakes poker games from 2010-2013 where he’s claiming he lost some money. A lot of money – like £10m in damages worth.

His side of the story (thus far) states that well-known UK pro Roland de Wolfe and poker pro Josh Gould were allegedly egging Parvizi on to bet it all, and after the game were chopping him up and sharing the profits. Essentially, they were working together.

How could Parvizi tell? He couldn’t so he’s brought in an expert witness – Richard Marcus who claims that his former title was “best professional poker cheat.”

According to new court filings, the reformed card sharp claims that a high-rolling poker game central to the dispute, in which Mr Parvizi lost £185,000, was “utterly corrupted by collusion on the part of [poker players] Josh Gould and Roland de Wolfe”.

The reformed cheater testified after watching the closed circuit footage of the aforementioned game that there was basically no chance the game was legit. Meanwhile the sued casino says they have zero knowledge of any cheating.

Could there be an ulterior motive for Parvizi’s lawsuit? Sure. How about the fact that Parvizi himself is being looked at for collusion. The hunter becomes the hunted as Parvizi is supposedly being investigated by the Financial Conduct Authority for “alleged securities fraud in one of its biggest-ever insider-dealing investigations.”

He may need some of that poker money back.

Bonus: Watch Roland de Wolfe's famous Magic The Gathering needle of David Williams at the WSOP.

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