Players Behaving Badly – Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles Just Calls It Like He Sees It

Poker Fraud Alert’s Todd Witteles is not bothered by naming names and almost embraces the occassional poker drama. So when he got into a little kerfuffle with a pretty big name pro poker player while in action at Los Angeles’ Commerce Casino he decided to play a little “guess who?” with his followers and shine a spotlight on events as he saw them.

Who could it be? Los Angeles live pro but he’s not known for his antics? Some of the guesses included Barry Greenstein, Men The Master and even Gavin Griffin. Are they close?

Check out that call out.

Not just naming names, but also dropping an @ mention to make sure that ODB sees the fury of Todd. Oh, you thought that ODB was going to take this accusation lying down?


Now it’s out there. These guys just don’t like each other.

Who’s right in this case? Who knows? It seems like maybe these guys already didn’t care for each other and there’s going to be two sides of every story. But limit players beware: if you get in a game with Todd and he thinks your acting sideways towards him, you best bet he’s not going to be shy in naming names. The bigger the better.

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