Poker Crime Logs – Mortician, Firefighter Arrested For Private Poker Games

Crackdowns on poker continue.

Two separate incidents bear similar results as a pair of private poker games get raided by authorities and their organizers end up in cuffs.

First up – 42 year-old, Staten Island mortician Joseph Fumando got popped by authorities for hosting a game of Texas Hold’em in a building that used to house a printing press, un-ironically dubbed “The Press.”

According to the New York Daily News, the man known as “The Undertaker” (with zero ties to the WWE) was found guilty in a mere 20 minute in a Brooklyn Federal Court and faces 12 to 16 months…for poker.

Fumando is not alone in his poker procecution though. Oklahoma firefighter Aaron Boatright was also nabbed by the long arm of the law when his private poker game was busted by the cops.

In Boatright’s case, it’s actually hard to be sympathetic as authorities were tipped off about the game and actually went to the building where it was to be housed (using a building solely for gambling is a felony in OK) and warned him ahead of time that it was a big no-no.

Boatright apparently moved ahead with the game anyway and according to KTUL, police went back later to check and subsequently arrested Boatright and 8 other participants on the spot. They also seized poker paraphernalia and $4500.

Authorities told KTUL that, just to be clear, this is not the same as hosting a poker game in your house. – Tulsa, Oklahoma – News, Weather

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