Jason Somerville – “I’m Not A Cheap Date”, Confirms Departure from Ultimate Poker

"We're on our own."

On Friday we reported that it looked as if sponsored poker pro Jason Somerville was on the outs with his current sponsor Ultimate Poker.

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On Sunday, Jason produced a live episode of his popular RunItUp program where he addressed the rumors and confirmed that he and the show are now “unaffiliated” and that he’s parting ways with the company billed as the first legal U.S. online poker site.

It didn’t take long for Jason to explain the situation. Jason recounted that as Season 2 of RunItUp ramped up production, Ultimate Poker had licensed the content to upload on UP’s YouTube Channel but after the company’s troubles in New Jersey, as Jason put it, “things had to change.”

When it did though, Jason was happy to report that the parting of ways was not a contentious one. Everyone was happy with all of the previous episodes and the separation was strictly a financial decision.

“There was no animosity, there was no screaming, yelling…it wasn’t like talking to my mother circa 2002,” Jason said. But he also added, “I’m not a cheap date,” and “I didn’t want to take whatever, so we had to do what we had to do.”

A gracious Somerville made sure to heap thanks on his former sponsor, thankful for the opportunities afforded him in his time there.

“I’m very grateful to Ultimate Poker for everything we’ve ever done together,” Somerville stated and even left the door wide open for he and Ultimate Poker to work together in the future.

No longer sponsored, Jason likened it to all of a sudden being in an open relationship.

For fans of the RunItUp broadcast, Somerville did his best to put any fears at ease stating that Season 2 will continue as planned, with additional shows being live streamed on this Twitch channel. Also the upcoming live events at Reno Peppermill will move ahead as planned with UP support.

On the bright side for fans, now that he’s unaffiliated, the RIU guest list is now open to just about anybody so Jason continues to be optimistic about the future of the show.

As of Sunday night, Somerville’s image and bio are still a part of Ultimate Poker’s “Team U”.

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