partypoker’s Scott Baumstein Calls Out “Scumbag Move” Of Stalling

With 18K on the line, people tend to take their time.

You’re close to the money but you’re short on chips. If you can simply outlast a few more people it’ll mean big bucks to your bankroll so you waste time every chance you get in hopes that someone else get involved in a hand that sends them to the rail as you nurse your short stack to a min-cash payday. This is stalling.

If you’re on a table near the bubble with poker pro Scott Baumstein and you decide to stall, you’d best believe you are going to get called out. That’s exactly what happened during the money bubble of the 2015 PCA as Scott and his tablemates piled an unapologetic staller who, after suffering a bad beat, went on time-wasting tirade in hopes to make the min-cash.

As Scott explains to Remko Rinkema over at PokerNews, while he got his verbal licks in and even caused a little bit of a scene, sadly the moral of story isn’t what you’d hope as the staller’s antics worked and with one big blind left, he left the tournament $18K the richer.

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