Poker Author David Sklansky Finds His Edge Over Canada’s Cepheus

More money, more money!

News of Canada’s powerful poker super computer, Cepheus, has taken the mainstream media by storm with many outlets inferring that poker, not just a very select version, is solved.

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While for heads-up limit hold’em that may be true, noted poker author and Two Plus Two mainstay David Sklansky tells Bloomberg that there is at least one area that he still maintains his edge – his killer instinct.

Sklansky seems to concede that, in the long run, Cepheus would win out – even over him – but against a hapless noob Sklansky things that he’s the better bet.

“If the computer is playing a bad player, it will win, but it won’t win as quickly as a human being playing a bad player.”

“I will destroy that beginner to a greater degree than this computer program will.”

That said, David does see why people are impressed with the poker prowess of Cepheus even if it’s limited to limit.

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