Get Up, Stand Up – Stapes Delivers Jokes While Dodging Flying Fruit

It's time for another Challenge Stapes.

EPT Live color commentator Joe Stapleton regularly entertains his viewing audience using his razor sharp wit and self-deprecating humor, making him one of the most well-liked broadcasters in poker today. So, when viewers had the chance to see him face the stark spotlight of the stand-up comedy stage they voted to watch him do his comedy thing during the 2015 PCA episode of Challenge Stapes.

Every stop on the EPT Joe undertakes a new challenge at the pleasure of his viewers and this time he was to deliver a series of one liners to three Team PokerStars Pros: Chris Moneymaker, Fatima Moreira de Melo and Theo Jorgensen.

If the busto pros didn’t like a joke they chuck a rotten tomato in the direction of Stapes. Now, there’s no stopping these tomatoes from flying, but can Stapes tell jokes and artfully dodge the flying fruit at the same time? Check it out.

Bonus unrelated video: In other side action, watch as PokerNews’ Remko takes you inside the alcohol fueled player party.

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