School’s In Session – College Kids Continue To Take Up Poker

For the game of poker to continue to grow it needs to constantly be exposed to a new generation of grinders who will take an interest both for love and for money. According to Poker Planet, a study by the University of Pennsylvania indicates that over 20% of college kids play online poker at least once a month. With regulations here in the US prohibiting that for many, that seems a little high but nonetheless, the point is – college kids are still picking up the hobby of late night poker with their friends…but is it at a cost of their education?

For most university poker players there seems to be a feeling that to be a profitable player at poker one must spend a lot of time and effort studying and playing poker, whereas doing this whilst also maintaining good grades on a university course is not something that comes easy.

Do you find that you passion for poker takes over your studies…or even your day job? Check out this article about college kids dealing with the realities of university vs. the dream of scoring big.

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