Willie Nelson Uses Weed to Hustle At High Stakes Poker Games

Before you decide to take a hit off of that joint Willie is passing you, understand that he may keep passing it to you and later try to hustle you out of your money at the poker table.

Apparently, this is the MO of the 82 year old country music icon.

According to a report on nymag.com, Nelson “is famous for smoking new friends to oblivion and then challenging them to a few hands of high-stakes poker. Willie’s game is cash-only, and all debts must be settled at the table. This has led to stories among his intimates of the time he refused to let Woody Harrelson leave the room until he could deliver $40,000 in cash.”

“It has also led to more than one folk song about the perils of smoking with Nelson, including a Toby Keith ballad with the refrain 'I’ll never smoke weed with Willie again’ and a new jingle introduced by Jack Johnson at Farm Aid this year whose chorus revolves around the line 'Willie got me stoned and took all my money,’ author Wil S. Hylton notes.

Check out the the interesting long-form article here.

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