Doug Polk vs Ben Tollerene “A vulture in the high stakes poker community.”

Joey Ingram becomes the voice of reason.

It all started on the 2+2 forum on Saturday when Doug Polk started to address comments on his dealings with fellow high stakes poker player Ben Tollerene and why there is beef between them following some comments Tollerene had made earlier in the day on a thread about Alex Dreyfus.

From there Polk took to his YouTube channel to post a 32 minute video talking about how 2.5 years ago the guys struck a deal to coach each other: Polk to help Tollerene in NLH strategy and Tollerene to help Polk with PLO. But the relationship soon turned sour when Tollerene reneged on his side of the deal.

“This is a video I have debated making for some time now, mainly because of how upsetting the event was for me” Polk has said on YouTube.

“I have now decided that I want to get this off of my chest. With both my personal and business dealings with Ben Tollerene, I have had issues and want to bring those to light.”

For Tollerene’s side of the story and comments on on 2+2 you can read it all here.

From there Joey Ingram issued a special report, taking a very GTO approach to the dispute.

Ingram: “I hope someone doesn’t make a 32min video about things I said two years ago.” True that.

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