Multi-Accounting Multi-Millionaires

In a recent Twitch stream from Bill Perkins’ Thirst Lounge challenge, multi-millionaire bad-boy Dan Bilzerian jumped onto Perkins’ account to play on Amercia’s Card Room (ACR) in some casual $10/$20 heads-up NLH.

Whatever way you cut it – whether you think what they did was a big deal or not – Perkins and Bilzerian were multi-accounting with no shits given. They were clearly breaching the terms of service of ACR.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any repercussions for the pair.

However, the likes of Sorel Mizzi who has no qualms about creating his own moral universe to justify his multi-accounting, or the backlash that Brian Hastings received when it came to light that he had been multi accounting, did not get off so easy as the amount of vitriol against them continues to rumble on.

Guess it pays in more way than one to be rich.

If you can bring yourself to watch the stream, you can catch it below.

Never one to miss a beat, Doug Polk has broken down some of Bilzerian’s hands so you can see for yourself how well he did or didn’t do.

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