One Giant Leap for AI

Some of the best No Limit Hold’em minds (and bodies) joined forces to take on what is the most advanced AI poker program ever created.

Dong Kim, Jason Les, Daniel McAulay, and Jimmy Chou took part in the Brains vs. AI challenge which saw them battle the AI program, Libratus, for hours each day as they tried and ultimately failed to find an edge to exploit the program.

The match played out over a 20 day period, live streamed on Twitch but already Libratus proved too hard to beat.

According to Part Time Poker, Libratus put an end to the humans misery on Monday night with the final tally putting the poker bot ahead by $1.766 million over 120,000 hands.

The Final tally against all players is as follows:

Dong King: -$85,649
Daniel Mcaulay: -$277,657
Jimmy Chou: -$552-857
Jason Les: -$880,087

Doug Polk traveled to Pittsburgh to catch up with the group and lend his support.

Oh and with not being content with whooping poker arses, Libratus entered the fray of social media, with its very own twitter account.

Welcome to Skynet.

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