Brandon Shack-Harris Offers Glimpse Into High Stakes Mixed Games

Brandon Shack-Harris is opening the window onto the world of high stakes mixed games thanks to his blog.

He’ll be documenting only 200/400 stakes above — focusing on 400/800 18 Game Mix.

Despite of not having experience in all of these games, Shack-Harris will be playing and blogging (when he has time) on: Limit Hold 'Em, Omaha 8, Razz, Stud, Stud 8, 2-7 NLSD, Big O, PLO, PLO8, 2-7 Triple Draw, A-5 TD, 2-6 TD, A-4 TD, Badugi, Badaci, Badaci A-4, Badeucey, Badeucey 2-6, Super Razzdeucy or daci, 2-7 Razz, Stud No Qualifier, and Archie.

Even Daniel Negreanu is booking marking the page so he can keep up to date on Shack-Harris’ latest hands.

You can keep up with Shack-Harris’ exploits here. Go check it out if only to see the quote from Phil Hellmuth at the top of the page.

I wonder if he will also be shining a light on this wardrobe choices as his Polar Bear hoodie from the WSOP is still, in my opinion, the haute couture of poker wear.

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