DNegs Reveals 2017 Profit & Loss

In a poll on Twitter, Daniel Negreanu asked his followers if they thought his cashes for 2017 (which totaled $2,792,104) were more or less than the total number of buy-ins he spent over the year.

Here is how they reponded:

Negreanu went on to reveal his profit and loss for 2017 along with a breakdown for the past five years.

It’s really quite remarkable for such a high profile player to be so transparent.

2017 looked liked this for Negreanu.

Buyins: $2,874,164
Profit: -$86,140

Negreanu takes to his blog to really get into the specifics of how he found the year went and what he can learn from it

As he is also known for setting goals for the year ahead and never one to rest on his laurels, check out what he hopes to achieve in 2018.

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