Director of Molly’s Game Aaron Sorkin on the World Series of Poker

He might have directed and written the screenplay for what could possibly be the best poker movie since Rounders, Molly’s Game, but Aaron Sorkin is no poker fan.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Sorkin said:

“My TV is permanently tuned to ESPN, so you can’t help but trip over the World Series of Poker every so often,” he says. “And it is the Worst. Spectator. Sport. Ever. I’ve tried watching a few minutes of it – even while I was writing this movie, which is when it would have been the most useful to me – and it’s the exact opposite of 'You can’t take your eyes off it.’ You can’t keep your eyes ON IT! Because I don’t want any of these guys in their Member’s Only jackets and bad sunglasses and backwards baseball caps to go home with any money. I’m not rooting for anybody. Is there a way the waitress can win instead?!”

You can read the full interview over on Rolling Stone here.

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