Partypoker Confirms, Then Pulls Date for Planned Ban on HUDs and Third Party Tools

Ecology changes still look set for May 28, though details remain illusive.

Yesterday, via an official partypoker Instagram “story,” Patrick Leonard revealed their planned dates for their new HUD and third party tool ban.

And then soon afterwards, all the videos were removed.

The information that we heard: Ecology changes to come into effect on May 28. That will include all users being prompted to change their screen names on that date.

That information is not particular surprising—pokerfuse talked about this happening last month, and even the May 28 date has leaked out before.

But we didn’t watch all the videos in the Instagram story (there were a lot!). Apparently, according to other users, he later clarified The new hand replayer would go live on May 28, then two weeks after that—June 10—the ban on HUDs and third party tools would come into effect. The two week gap between software update and official ban is new detail.

But why were the vids pulled? Official spokesperson Colette Stewart explains:

Some details were correct, others were not. All information will be shared via our social and PR channels at a later date I can not confirm any timelines or further information

So there you have it. Or, there you don’t. Either way, it’s happening. Soon. Ish. Probably!

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