Stars Rewards 2.0 Launched in New Jersey

The revamped Stars Rewards program is now live in all the PokerStars markets.

On Monday, PokerStars rolled out its revamped Stars Rewards program in the New Jersey market—the only market which had yet to transition to the improved Stars Rewards.

Under this revamped Stars Rewards program, the value of each of the Chests tiers has been modified. The value of these Chests have increased by more than three times, but the requirements to move to a higher Chest has also increased. Payouts are now less top-heavy. Red and Platinum Chests are gone, instead, they have been replaced with Diamond and Black Chests.

According to the room, the new Stars Rewards has been designed with the aim to simplify the rewards program and improve the experience of opening Chests to make it more meaningful.

With this rollout, PokerStars has successfully overhauled its loyalty program to all its online poker markets.

PokerStars is accompanying the new-look Stars Rewards program with a special promotion called “Jackpot Chests” where players can win up to $1000 in extra bonuses. The promotion runs until July 7.

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