Norm Macdonald Promotes Offshore Online Poker Site

“I’m amazed I still make like … such bad mistakes.”

Popular comedian Norm Macdonald appeared in a video this week to promote the offshore online poker room, Americas Cardroom.

Sporting an ACR jersey, the Canadian-born stand-up comedian and former host of High Stakes Poker went on for over 15 minutes heaping praise on the site (which you can watch below).

Macdonald has plenty of ties to the poker community including being the headlining act in the first ever PokerStars Comedy Night in The Bahamas earlier this year.

Oddly, Macdonald touted the transparency of the site as one of its best and distinguishing qualities. Now keep in mind this is the same site where a bot was exposed heads up in a tournament on a Twitch stream earlier this year, and while CEO Phil Nagy has vowed to clean up the site and rid it of bots, that wasn’t the first time we heard that kind of talk out pf Nagy over the years.

More recently, the room issued a press release claiming that it set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest cryptocurrency winning jackpot in an online poker tournament, but at the time of writing, the Guinness site doesn’t reflect the record.

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