Will Players on PokerStars USA Get Access to New Rewards System?

The newest rewards system, implemented internationally over the past couple of years and providing up to 65% rakeback, is still yet to debut in the PokerStars USA markets.

Over the past couple of years, PokerStars global has completely revamped its rewards system, but so far, players at PokerStars USA have been left out in the cold. The new system, which was fully implemented globally by Oct of this year, moved the operator back to a more transparent rewards scheme.

Under the new scheme, players can get up to 65% back in rake, depending on their level of play, but the main feature of the new system is transparency. Under the old system, which replaced the legendary Supernova Elite and offered more opaque chests with no clearly defined value as a reward, players had limited ability to predict their rewards.

The new rewards system changes all that, setting chest values in a transparent way that lets players predict exactly how much rakeback they should expect to see. However, while the new system is fully implemented in the global market, it has still yet to make an appearance for the PokerStars USA ecosystem.

There are still no details yet on when players in the USA might see the new system and limited information on what is causing the delay. That said, the complex regulatory environment in the US, which is different from state to state, is a safe bet for why the system hasn’t yet been deployed in the US market.

It seems likely to think that the new system will go live in the US markets sometime in 2022, but that is just speculation. However, US-based players can get a look at what they might expect from the new system when it does go live at the breakdown of the new system over at pokerfuse.

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