Rise of The Machines: Drone Helps Undercover Cops Bust Illegal Casino

Fourteen Arrested in California Home

Whether you love or loath drones, did anyone else know the cops were using them to help tackle crime? I didn’t until I saw this story on KRON.

With the help of a drone, fourteen people were arrested at a house in San Leandro, California on Monday after undercover cops discovered an illegal casino and crime ring were being run from the house. Ten slot machines were recovered during the raid.

According to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, a drone which costs around $1,200 pays for itself in one hour of an operation.

Cheaper than the average long term wage of a police officer… do I need to be worried that this is start of The Rise of The Machines?

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What’s up with Jessica Dawley’s Latest Tweet?

Who actually says stuff like that?

From looking at the thread it looks like MTV’s True Life is looking for a female poker player that meets a very specific criteria and Dawley wants to help find them—although I am not exactly sure what her link is to the show.

It’s worth reading the comments as the likes of Cate Hall and Joe Ingram have their say.

For me, I think Hall sums it up the best:

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Anger From the Rail: Chris Ferguson Gets A Rowdy Reception At A WSOP Final Table

Over at the WSOP last weekend, Ex Full Tilt Director Chris Ferguson made it to the final table of Event #39: $10,000 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Championship where he was met with cat-calls, boos, jeering and heckling from behind the rails.

As reported at PokerListings.Com, Ferguson was not a welcome addition to the final table, with Daniel Levy shouting that he had “no shame.”

“I don’t want any kind of violence, but he should know people think he’s a piece of shit and he shouldn’t be here,” Levey continued as a group of Ferguson supporters became vocal as well.

Still not willing to comment on the Full Tilt fiasco that set the wheels in motion that led to Black Friday, Ferguson is polarizing opinion in the poker community, some saying we should forgive and forget and other like Daniel Negreanu calling him out for not apologizing to the community that he screwed over.

Check out Alexander Villegas’s report of how it all went down here.

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Olivier Busquet: Would you bet on him to win Survivor?

Clearly not one to rest on his laurels after his epic MMA fight against JC Alvarado, Olivier Busquet is on the hunt for odds on him applying and winning the reality TV show Survivor —that comes with prize winnings of $1 million.

In the chat thread Busquet makes it clear he is looking for odds, not advice on whether he should enter or not, but the comments still make for entertaining reading.

One of my favorites:

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