Sam Trickett Lost $3 Million Pot In Macau

HighStakes DB have revealed that Sam Trickett once lost a $3m pot in Macau playing at the high stakes tables.

Trickett was speaking in an online chat room during a recent PLO session when asked about his time playing in the big games in Macau. You can check out the full transcript over on the HighStakes DB site.

Although undoubtedly it is one hell of a loss, it is nowhere near as eye watering as the pot Tom “durrrr” Dwan once lost in Macau — with Daniel Jungleman Cates confirming he saw Durrr loose $20M.

{n:daniel-jungleman-cates-tom-dwan-lost-20-million-pot-macau-:You can remind yourself of Dwan’s loss and the Durrrr challenge here.

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Microgaming Leads the Way in Online Casinos

As one of the oldest and most well-known names in the online gaming industry, Microgaming powers many of the online casinos that are popular today. Since 1994 Microgaming has supplied the gaming software that much of the patrons in the online casino world has come to know and love.

You can read more on their history at

With currently more than 850 unique titles, Microgaming continues to produce new and exciting games by both licensing established brands (such as Jurassic Park, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator 2, Playboy and even a slot game based on the romantic comedy from Universal Pictures, BridesMaids) and providing a mix of great original concepts too. The company typically has a new batch of games that they release every month.

One of the features of the games at that players really enjoy is their user-friendly interface. The software is highly intuitive giving players the ability to better control their overall gaming experience.

They also provide players with the opportunity to choose a Flash player option which provides instant play. With this technological advantage, players can enjoy the games right from within their browser. This removes the need to download and install software on your computer which can be a great advantage for those that have very limited space on their laptops or for those that do not have the administrative privileges required to install software on the computer they are playing on. The Flash player option is also a good way to go when you want to play on somebody else’s computer and you do not want to trouble them by installing software that they may not want.

The Flash option provides multi-language support and access to banking, loyalty status and gaming history. You can try out their Flash games in many online gaming casinos across the internet such as

However, for those players that want the full gaming experience, Microgaming also has a downloadable client that you can install. With this option, games load faster, have smoother transitions and users can easily manage their gaming account by reviewing gaming transactions and viewing their loyalty status in real time via the casino lobby.

The casino lobby can be viewed in two display modes, allowing players to choose the setting that best suits their needs. Plus, it leaves a very small footprint on the computer, so most computers still in service can handle it with no problem.

But even if you would rather play on the go, Microgaming has you covered. With its Moblie casino, players can play on the web-based casino which does not require the download of any software, or they can choose to download the native apps for Android, iOS and Windows devices. These native apps provide access to all of the functions of the games, give users increased access to their accounts and are compatible with most mobile devices.

And who knows, if you hit a big score at one of these online casinos, you could make enough money to pursue your dreams of being a movie star, a detective, a pop star, write a novel or perhaps try your hand at becoming a top poker personality like those featured at ten-poker- personalities/.

But, if online games are not your style, I guess you can always head over to and get yourself a deck of cards, some checkers or a popular board game to pass the time.

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Liv Boeree: The Impressionist

During some downtime at the EPT Prague PokerNews’ Sarah Herring sat down with PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree to play Heads Up, where she turns her hand to impersonating Kitty Kuo, Tony G and Phil Laak.

Turns out Boeree is quite good at impressions.

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Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Dwyane Wade

Things might be getting silly over with PokerStars #RaiseIt challenge as Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane Wade are now RaisingIt with water bottles. Though I much preferred the trick shots between Neymar Jr and Ronaldo, this new one is still fairly enjoyable. But, it makes me remember I am not as young as I think when I see Wade doing the new style running man, and wishing it had never changed.

As if you needed reminding, here’s a 90s throw back to the real Running Man.

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Finnish Poker Players Less Than Prominent on Tournament Circuit

The popularity of poker spans many parts of the globe. The game is widely accepted in most countries around the world, and Finland has produced its fair share of big name poker players. But the recent success of players from the Scandinavian country on the poker circuit has been less than stellar.

According to the Global Poker Index, the gold standard of poker tournament results ranking, not a single player from Finland appears in the GPI Top 100, nor is there a player from Finland in the running for the 2016 Player of the Year.

A look back at previous years doesn’t yield much different results. In the 2015 Player of the Year race, the best finish by a Finnish player was 89th place by Jussi Nevanlinna. In 2014, Aku Joentausta bested all of his fellow Finns by placing 86th, but we need to look back all the way to 2013 just to find a Finnish player that cracked the top 20. In that year, Joni Jouhkimainen came in 16th place.

One could look to the All Time Money list that is compiled by The Hendon Mob and there you would see two players from Finland that rank in the top 100, the best being Juha Helppi who ranks 89th overall with $ 6,931,063 in total poker tournament earnings and perhaps the most famous Finnish poker player of all, Patrik Antonius ranking 95th with $ 6,788,792.

But perhaps the reason that there are so few Finns competing for the top spots on many of the poker tournament leaderboards can be explained by the tendencies of Antonius who is known for his preference for high stakes cash games and the convenience of playing poker online instead of following the tournament circuit.

Check out one of Patrik’s most famous hands as he checks a full house three times against Tony G.

As a result of its membership in the European Union, many of the big online poker rooms are available in the country. A quick look at the information site pokeri shows there are plenty of online poker rooms available to players in Finland.

In fact, another famous player from Finland, Ilari Sahamies, also known as Ziigmund online, is famous for his cash game play as well. But once again we see that Ziigmund does not rank well when it comes to tournament play having never cracked the top 500 in the GPI and ranking 10,802 in the 2016 POY race.

It is possible however that recent success by Ziigmund could increase his interest in tournament poker. In October he took down a High Roller Turbo event at the Finnish Championships, his first first place finish in a major tournament in more than seven years.

But it was just last year that Ziigmund became a proud dad which reduces the chances that traveling the poker tournament circuit will become a priority for him anytime soon.

Check out Ziigmund in this High Stakes Poker hand against Phil Ivey.

Perhaps the poker player to gain the most notoriety in recent years has been Sara Chafak who is best known for winning the Miss Finland beauty pageant in 2012.

Chafak appeared on the poker reality show Shark Cage where in episode 7 she famously bluffed professional poker player Ronnie Bardah out of a big pot by getting him to fold a huge hand and as a result sending him off to spend some time in the Shark Cage.

You can check out the full episode below, or scroll past it to just see the big bluff hand.

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Natural8 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

Xuan Liu who is an ambassador for Natural8 Poker is the face of their 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.

Natural8 is giving away up to $5,000 in prizes in two categories; highest rake contributor and the player with the highest number of hands.

Find out more from Liu in the promotional YouTube vid.

Here you can learn more about Natural8, including how you can sign up and play.

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Andrew Lichtenberger Launches Poker Site

Andrew “Luckychewy” Lichtenberger announced last week that he was launching an online poker site called Luckychewypoker which is now currently live here with play money.

Wasting no time Joey Ingram got Lichtenberger on his Poker Life Podcast to talk about his upcoming venture —it looks like real money may be coming to Luckychewypoker within 6 months. Watch this space.

Ingram and Lichtenberger talk yoga, meditation and his book Yoga of Poker.

Catch the podcast below.

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