Is Shimi The Fish Good for Poker?

A common theme in poker these days revolves around the discussion of how to grow the game, and the guys at the Weekly Burn & Turn have thoughts on how to make that happen.

Robbie and Shimi have different approaches on what will “make poker great again,” and they present their ideas debate style while making an argument to why they should be chosen as wildcards in the upcoming Global Poker League supplemental draft.

Since GPL team manager Chris Moneymaker and GPL drafted pro ElkY both expressed that Shimi is their favorite Burn & Turn host, “The Fish” is expecting to get a call to be the wildcard for either the Las Vegas Moneymakers or the Paris Aviators.

They guys also discuss the new team event at the World Series of Poker, and you don’t want to miss this exciting edition of Name That Pro.

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Get $20 in Cash and Bonus at Borgata Poker

Sign up at Borgata Poker and get $10 in cash and a $10 bonus immediately added to your account.

Then start playing with the free $10, and when you earn 40 iRewards Points (iRP) you will convert that bonus to $10 in cash that will be added to your account.

To track your progress on your poker bonus, go to the “Rewards” tab and then click “Bonus”.

You can see all the terms and conditions and sign up here!

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Watch: Rare Footage of Doyle Brunson

Telling Stories About His Life

Poker legend Doyle Brunson is full of stories, some you may have heard and others you likely haven’t.

In this rarely seen interview, Doyle talks about his basketball career, the injury that ended it and how his wife saved his life during an armed robbery.

Doyle also shares what he views as the biggest highlight of all his highlights.

According to a Tweet by Texas Dolly, ESPN’s 30 Fro 30 turned down the chance to feature this interview in an episode about the poker legend. Their loss.

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Tournament Winners Get Full Tilt Exclusive Avatars

Be sure to stand out at the Full Tilt tables with one of these rare avatars such as the Crocodile, the Unicorn, the Bald Eagle or even the highly coveted T-Rex.

Tournaments to win these exclusive avatars run through out the week and range in buy-ins from $2.50 to $100.

There are even satellite tournaments to get you into the main Avatar Tournaments.

You can check out the schedule of Avatar Tournaments at the Full Tilt promotions page here.

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