WATCH: You’ve Got To See Mike Sexton’s Solo Dance Moves!

After providing a tour of downtown Las Vegas for some lucky partypoker players (which from the looks of it included an adult beverage or two), former commentator for the World Poker Tour and current partypoker Chairman Mike Sexton took the entertainment to another level by unleashing his inner John Travolta.

If Dancing with the Poker Stars (not that PokerStars) ever becomes a reality, Sexton is a shoe-in!

For further evidence of just how slick his moves are, notice how earlier in the vid he manages to keep all of the beer in his cup.

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The World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table Starts Tonight

Now that the WSOP has dropped the November Nine format, the Final Table of the Main Event is being broadcast live (with a 30-minute delay of course to preserve the integrity of the game).

Here is where you can check out all the action starting Thursday:

  • Thursday, July 20 – 6:00pm in Las Vegas (Playing from 9 players to 6 players) – ESPN2
  • Friday, July 21 – 6:00pm in Las Vegas (Playing from 6 players to 3 players) – ESPN
  • Saturday, July 22 – 6:00pm in Las Vegas (Playing from 3 players to a winner) — ESPN

When play begins there will be 1 hour and 7 minutes remaining in Level 37 with the blinds at 400,000/800,000 and 100,000 antes.

The current chip counts are as follows:

Scott Blumstein – 97,250,000
John Hesp – 85,700,000
Benjamin Pollak – 35,175,000
Bryan Piccioli – 33,800,000
Daniel Ott – 26,475,000
Damian Salas – 22,175,000
Antoine Saout – 21,750,000
Jack Sinclair – 20,200,000
Ben Lamb – 18,050,000

The prizes still up for grabs breakout like this:

1st place: $8,150,000
2nd place: $4,700,000
3rd place: $3,500,000
4th place: $2,600,000
5th place: $2,000,000
6th place: $1,675,000
7th place: $1,425,000
8th place: $1,200,000
9th place: $1,000,000

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They Seem Similar, But NJ Online Casinos All Offer Seriously Distinct Experiences

It can be tempting to think of online casinos as a commodity, with each offering more or less the same bonuses, the same promotions, and the same library of games – or at least close enough.

In New Jersey’s legal online casino market, it’s true that many casinos do offer broadly similar promotions and bonuses. But where the casino experience really starts to diverge at New Jersey’s regulated gambling sites is when you start to talk about games.

First is the simple fact that from casino to casino you’ll find a radically different number of games. Now, a big game total doesn’t necessarily mean that a casino is the best, but it’s worth noting some game totals from legal sites in NJ just to get a sense of how big the gap between casinos can be.

Total online casino games by operator as of July 20th, 2017:

  • Golden Nugget: 418
  • Resorts: 411
  • Mohegan: 402
  • Caesars: 344
  • SugarHouse: 323
  • Betfair: 235
  • Borgata: 233
  • Pala: 209
  • Tropicana: 182
  • Virgin: 177
  • Harrah’s: 66

Source:’s tracker

It’s hard not to notice the gap of over 350 games between Harrah’s and Golden Nugget’s online casino. Again, game count isn’t everything, but for online casino players who value variety, it’s definitely a factor in choosing – and sticking with – an online casino in NJ.

That broader gap also comes into play when you start diving into the individual game types at NJ’s regulated online gambling sites.

For example, Golden Nugget offers 13 variations of blackjack (including live dealer games), while Harrah’s offers one. If you’re a video poker player, you’ll find more variety at Caesars (22 variants) than any other online casino (the average for competitors is about 10). And if you prefer table games other than blackjack, you’re probably heading back to the Golden Nugget again (13 total, including live dealer) – although the gap here is far smaller as the average hovers right around nine at the typical legal online casino in New Jersey.

What numbers don’t do is tell the story of exclusive content. For example, SugarHouse recently launched Slingo games on its NJ gambling website. And Virgin is the exclusive home to the popular Deal or No Deal Slot. The same is true on the table game side; you won’t find variants like Sic Bo or Let It Ride at every legal NJ online casino.

And game totals don’t give you any insight into other critical parts of the regulated online gambling experience in New Jersey, such as payment processing, how easy or hard it is to set up your account, and what tools and features the site offers.

It’s tempting to think of New Jersey’s dozen-plus online casinos as simple variations on a theme. And in some senses they are. But for discerning consumers, there’s a unique experience waiting behind each brand, an experience that can take a much different shape depending on which regulated site you choose for your play.

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Is This The Beginning Of The End For Twitch Poker?

In the last few months, Doug Polk left Twitch poker streaming in favor of greener pastures in YouTube. Oh, and he opened his own comedy show to boot. According to certain sources, casino streaming in general is on the up and up – but the same can’t be said for poker streaming.

When Polk first made his departure, he took to Reddit to explain why he made this decision:

Twitch just doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for poker streamers – because, well, poker streaming isn’t that great to begin with. Other famous poker players like Joe Ingram and Felix Schneider have also fled the Twitch nest.

The streaming site just isn’t what it used to be back in 2014. Word on the block seems to be: if you’re looking for good poker content, go to YouTube.

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Behind The Scenes At The UpSwing Poker Party

Joey Ingram and his editing wizard Jonah Vella bring to us the UpSwing Poker party vlog — giving all us mere mortals a glimpse into the bash that took place in The Encore in Las Vegas.

Apparently, Ingram gets out of line, but i’m not sure that made it into the final edit.

Watch below:

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What’s It Like To Be Married To A Poker Pro?

Jeff Gross’ wife Emilia gets personal during a dinner date with her husband to share what it is really like to be married to a professional poker player. The pair also head off in the vlog to sweat some friends on the WSOP Main Event bubble.

Watch below.

Gross, who last year was sponsored by 888, has joined the ranks of PokerStars’ illustrious Team PokerStars Online roster — which was announced on Day 1 of the WSOP Main Event.

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