Everything You Need To Know About The Chip Race Podcast

If you ever wanted to know more about The Chip Race Podcast, and what makes hosts and now Unibet sponsored pros, David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney tick, then look no further.

Barry Cater has interviewed the pair over on his Poker Media Pro blog to ask them about all about their successful show.

Go here to read the full story.

You can catch season 5 episode 1 of the Chip Race below where the pair speak to former Irish Open Champion Neil Channing as well as Ryan Laplante and Patrick Leonard about their recent twitter spat.

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Jaime & Matt Staples #UltimateSweat Nears Completion

The prop bet, conceived on last years Stream Boat by billionaire Bill Perkins for brothers Jaime and Matt Staples to get within 1lb of each other is nearly at a close.

It was never going to be easy though as Jaime started out 310 lbs and Matt at 135 lbs. So far they have done amazingly!

If they can do it the pair look to make $150,000 and if they don’t, they only have to front $3,000 each.

Catch up with the boys progress below via their personal trainer Mike Vacanti vlog below.

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Travel, Extreme Sports & Poker with Andrew Neeme

We catch up with Andrew Neeme on his latest trip to South Africa with his wife Busi.

In this video which is part travelogue, we get a glimpse at their trip, including some of the adventures they got up to, as well as the obligatory casino visit for some hands of poker.

Watch below.

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