WPT Looks to Increase the Number of Women Playing Poker

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that more men play poker than women, but the World Poker Tour is taking steps to try to change that.

Check out the video of the WPT’s first Women’s Poker Summit with the stated purpose of discussing “the issue surrounding the low participation of women in poker.”

For more on the topic of women in poker, check out what Unibet has been doing with its #QUEENRULES initiative.

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Poker Alliance Advocating for Medical Marijuana?

Is it possible that the Poker Alliance has added weed to its list of pet projects? One might get that impression form the URL and web page pictured above.

The About page on its web site states: “We are an organization dedicated to advancing the sport of poker on behalf of the poker playing community in the United States and around the world.”

So I guess it’s possible that the organization sees Blue Dream and Gorilla Glue as important enough to the poker playing community that it is willing to take up “the fight.”

It’s more likely that someone got the keys to the back door. Let’s just hope the information for its 1 million+ members is safe!

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WATCH: Phil Galfond Play On His New Poker Site

If you are a fan of Phil Galfond you probably already know that he has been busy working behind the scenes to create a real cash game poker site, called Run it Once Poker, an off shoot from his Run It Once training site.

After blog updates on the sites progress, Galfond has finally announced the biggest beta test to date, along with showcasing features of the new site.

Here he sits down to play a few hands to show us what’s what.

You have until September 13 to sign up to take part in the beta test…beta testers will be picked at random.

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Check Out The New PokerStars Pros WCOOP Card Collection

Fans of PokerStars sponsored pros can find out which 2018 World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) events they are looking forward to playing along with their Twitch info, making it easier to follow along with their WCOOP journey.

We have nine of these smart-looking cards from the likes of Liv Boeree, Jason Somerville, Jaime Staples, Randy “Nanonoko” Lew, Jeff Gross and more!

As you can see above, the cards look pretty cool, keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for high-res copies to collect!

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