10 Ways to Qualify for a Chance to Become The Next Member Of Team PokerStars Pro

PokerStars is looking for another brand ambassador, and it very well might be you. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a member of PokerStars Team Pro, now is your chance.

If you are up for the challenge, not only will you get to flaunt your Team Pro patch, but you will make history as the first ever PokerStars VR Ambassador.

In conjunction with the search, PokerStars is also launching its first ever PokerStars Virtual Reality Poker Tour (VRPT), a free-to-play online poker series that takes place inside the virtual card rooms of PokerStars VR.

The next event is later today, and plenty more events are on the schedule. Here are this weekend’s events:

  • September 28 Main Event, a 5 million chip buy-in with a 300 million chip guarantee
  • September 29 Ultra High roller, a 25 million chip buy-in with a 200 million chip guarantee

Get more information about PokerStars VRPT

While taking down one of these event can help your chances at becoming the new Team Pro member, you will ultimately have to make a shortlist of 10 to be considered and here is how you can make that list – some require poker skill and some don’t!

  • Every hand you play between Sept 27th 12pm ET until Feb 3rd 12pm ET gives you a ticket to be drawn for a seat into the Final 10.
  • Community Hero – The most helpful community members (judged by Lucky VR Devs/PokerStars) across all digital channels will be selected. To be a community hero, you need to be someone who is passionate and helpful in growing and supporting the PokerStars VR community.
  • Most Chips Won in Cash Games – this seat will be awarded to the player who is the largest net chips winner in Cash Games from Sept 26th to Feb 3rd 12pm ET.
  • Leaderboard Rings/Spinning Tops Draw – Each Leaderboard Ring Won in Cash Games or Sit & Go or Spinning Tops won in Spin & Go Leaderboards between Sept 26th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm ET will count as 1 entry into this draw for a Final 10 seat. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • VRPT Player of the Year – This Final 10 seat will be awarded to the Season 1 VRPT POY winner. The player who accumulates the most VRPT Tournament leaderboard points across all VRPT Tournaments until Feb 3rd 12pm ET 2020.
  • Spin to Win – Any player who hits the PokerStars VR Ambassador Slot on the lobby spinwheel from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm ET will be entered into a draw for a Final 10 seat. You may only qualify once for this draw.
  • Make a Royal Flush – If you make a Royal Flush in PokerStars VR from Sept 27th 12pm -Feb 3rd 12pm ET and the hand gets to showdown, you will be given a Royal Flush finalist draw ticket for each instance. We will then draw from the Royal Flush finalists for a Final 10 seat winner. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • Spin & Go – Any player who wins the top chips prize on any stake Spin & Go will also win a ticket to a draw where one winner will advance to the Final 10. Multiple tickets may be won per player for this draw.
  • Discord Ninja – The Discord Ninja qualifier will go to our top 5 most helpful, active and engaging Discord members from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm to be entered into a draw for the Final 10 seat. Selected by Lucky VR Devs/PokerStars.
  • Popular Vote – The in game voting system will allow any player to cast their vote for who they think should be the PokerStars VR Ambassador using their watch UI. Must have played 1000 hands to qualify to vote. Player with the most votes from Sept 27th 12pm – Feb 3rd 12pm will earn a seat into the Final 10.
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PokerStars and Jason Somerville Launches “Chat Plays Poker” on Twitch

Watching Poker on Twitch has gotten more fun.

PokerStars recently launched a new Twitch poker streaming concept called “Chat Plays Poker” in association with Jason Somerville’s Run It Up Studio.

This new and innovative form of poker streaming allows Twitch viewers to influence the hand by letting them vote on the hands should be played.

For every action, a poll is run live on stream for a total of 30 seconds letting viewers vote whether the host should call or raise, fold or go all-in.

Once the results are out, the player acting as the host makes the move based on what the viewers chose.

“We’re truly giving the audience — all those chat experts I’ve heard from over the years — a chance to test their skills and see how they do in a real poker setting,” Somerville explains.

“I’ve streamed a ton and I’ve seen even the most positive things get responded to negatively. I’ve seen almost zero negativity about this idea,” Somerville adds. “People think it’s awesome. During all the testing we’ve done, people involved have been like, ‘Wow, this is so much fun!'”

The new Twitch streaming game was officially launched yesterday on the PokerStars Twitch Channel.

Here are some of the clips illustrating how this new streaming concept works:

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What Does It Mean for a Casino Game to Be Advantageous?

As experts in the casino gambling world, we have tricks, strategies, and hints to understanding whether a casino game is advantageous or lucrative to play on.

In this article, we are going to share some of them with you. So, do not be discouraged by your previous losses on casino machines, pay attention to the following details, and you will thank us later. You could also check out Vulkan online slots for a perfect example of an advantageous casino slot.

So, for a start, you should know that an advantageous casino game is that game that not only gives you the thrill and excitement of playing it, it is that one with a friendly atmosphere, that has smooth mobile optimization, that comes with in-game boosters/bonuses, and offers you some monetary benefits when you play for real money.

7 Factors That Makes up an Advantageous Casino Game

Now that you know what it means for a casino game to be advantageous, the next step is to know how to pin-point one when you come across them on casinos online.

1. RTP, volatility, and house edge
The first thing you should consider before playing on the gaming site is to read reviews about the game to determine whether it pays a high return to players. If the RTP is below 90%, you should consider dropping it as it will not pay you much on your earnings. The volatility is the frequency of winning on a particular game. The one with at least medium volatility promises you good real money gameplay.

2. Bonuses and in-game boosters
As you already know, a casino game is a game of luck, so you need all the head-starts you can get. This is why software providers do include boosters such as wildcards, jackpots, scatter wins, pick and win bonus rounds, and gamble features.

Apart from the in-game boosters, you should also watch out for casinos online with welcome bonuses. These bonuses usually come with requirements which after being fulfilled you get free cash to either withdraw or stake for more wins. Depending on the casino you are playing, some of these bonuses may or may not require registration, signup, or download.

3. Smooth gameplay
Another quality that makes a game advantageous is the easy gameplay. An ideal one will have an exciting interface, readily available menu button that lists all that a player needs to know about it (such as the paytable, how to play, bonuses, etc).

4. Accessibility and mobile optimization
What makes a casino even more advantageous is when a player can access it anytime, anywhere, and doesn’t need to visit a land-based casino to play. So, you should watch out for games designed by software providers that have mastered the HTLM 5 technology, as this tech not only makes the games run smoothly on mobile devices, you get to run them at your convenience, anywhere and anytime.

5. Secure payment method

Before you provide your personal details (such as your credit card digits, your email address, age, etc), on any casino online, be sure that such establishment is legit and has a secure payment method. In other words, you need to be sure that your personal details will not be divulged to thirds parties (or system hacked) for any reason at any point in time. A secure casino payment option will use the latest SSL security technology such as the 256-bit encryption upgrade on the previous 128-bit.

6. Exciting theme

What is the fun in a casino game without a desired drama or theme to relate with? Research shows that 97% of games players play because of specific themes. These exciting themes could range from action, cultural heritages such as the Chinese, Egyptian, Italian Leprechaun cultures, sports themes (football, racing, wrestling, basketball, etc.), romance themes, alien themes, popular movies/games, animations, and themes about people of world-class reckon.

7. Interactive gameplay
Some players are more particular about a casino game’s interactive nature. In other words, they first ask the question, “can I gamble against other world-class players around the world?” This is why most casinos usually have the live dealer’s option, where expert high roller gamblers get the opportunity to gamble against other high-rollers like them. Still, on this point, some live dealers’ options allow a player to play on a real land-based casino through a hand that responds to their command. The VIP section on casinos online also increases the interactive nature of these games.

What makes a casino game advantageous to some depends on the preference of the player in question. However, some general factors must be possessed by games to give it general acceptability; these we have discussed in the 7-point list above.

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