PokerStars to partypoker to GGPoker Can You Name The Three Ambassador “Triple Crown” Holders?

With the signing of Kevin Martin to GGPoker as part of the GGSquad, we thought we’d bring you a list of all the poker pros who now represent GG, that have first come via sponsorships with PokerStars and partypoker.

The signing of Martin brings the “Triple Crown” holders to represent GGPoker to Three.

Can you name them all?

Check out the table below to see if you were right.

GGPoker Ambassadors: Through PokerStars and Partypoker

PokerStars Partypoker GGPoker
Daniel Negreanu June 2007 – May 2019 - Nov 2019 –
Felipe Ramos July 2015 – Jan 2018 Jan 2020 –
ElkY Grospellier June 2006 – Jan 2018 Apr 2018 – April 2020 April 2020 –
Boris Becker 2007 – ? Dec 2016 – ? April 2020 –
Kevin Martin 2016-Jan 2019 May 2019 – Sept 2019 Oct 2020 –
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Padraig “Smidge” O’Neill Takes Down Unibet Open Online

Padraig “Smidge” O’Neill won a whopping €79,998 for the Unibet Open Online title, beating opponent “lovebeaches” heads up.

The Unibet Open Online took place on the final two days of the Unibet Online Series, having had to move online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

387 total runners turned out to take part in the Unibet Open Online, with 64 players returned for Day 2. A €406,350 prizepool was created, the largest ever in Unibet Open Online history, smashing the €250,000 guarantee.

“I’m absolutely buzzing! To be honest I only signed up to Unibet because of Lappin and Doke,” O’Neill said of Unibet Ambassadors David Lappin and Dara O’Kearney. “They told me how good the games were and they weren’t wrong. I probably owe them a pint!”

“These days, I play on Unibet most nights. I played the last Unibet Open Online and, to be honest, it was a probably a bit fast. This one was perfect. I don’t think the average stack ever dropped below 40bbs. It was also great that Unibet had a Twitch stream. My family all got to watch me win the most amount of money I have ever won. That makes it all extra special for me!”

Check out the moment O’Neill won below with Unibet Ambassadors O’Kearney, Lappin and Ian Simpson commentating.

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Phil Ivey Makes His Affiliation With Online Poker Site Official

Phil Ivey, one of the most successful poker players in the world, has come out publicly to announce his affiliation with the online poker room Poker King.

In an interview with friend and fellow professional poker player Barry Greenstein, Ivey confirmed, “Yeah, I’m with Poker King.”

Late last month, in a video mocking sponsored pros at other sites including, Jaime Staples, Ike Haxton and Daniel Negreanu, Poker King announced its three sponsored pros Tom Dwan, Jean Robert Bellande and Phil Ivey. However, this appears to be the first time that Ivey has confirmed his support for the site.

You can check out the interview with Greenstein below where Ivey attributes his strong mental health to becoming more conscience, meditating, praying and yoga. And for your amusement, we have also included the Poker King announcement video.

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