WPT Global Giving Away Summer Festival Tickets for New Depositors

All new depositors at WPT Global can claim free tickets for select Summer Festival events on top of the usual 100% match bonus offer.

As many MTT players out there might be aware, the WPT Global Summer Festival is underway! The operator’s first-ever online MTT series offers incredibly great value for players, including a $1 For $1 Million event that is guaranteed to have an overlay of over $900,000!

And while other tournaments are also featuring hefty overlays and providing plenty of added value for the players, WPT Global does not seem concerned in the slightest. In addition to generous guarantees and its already very generous welcome bonus, the operator is giving away free tickets to select tournaments on the schedule for all new depositing players.

Players yet to make their first deposit can claim both the regular WPT Global welcome bonus of 100% up to $1200, as well as free Summer Festival entries.

Each newly depositing player receives a free ticket for the $1 For $1 Million tournament as well as additional tickets based on the amount of the deposit:

  • $100+ deposits receive a $22 ticket for the $50K Mini Showdown
  • $500+ deposits qualify for a $110 ticket for the $100K Short Deck Bounty Championship
  • $1000+ deposits get you a $220 ticket for the $250K Summer Showdown

The offer is available until July 31 for all new depositors, so if you are a tournament player looking for value, this gives you another reason to get in the mix!

Click here to sign up and take advantage of this extra valuable limited-time welcome bonus offer from WPT Global! The deposit match bonus up to $1200 will give you a nice bankroll boost for the Summer Festival, and you’ll get some free tickets to boot!

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Enjoy Loads of Short Deck Action at WPT Global

WPT Global is one of the best destinations for players looking to play Short Deck, with plenty of cash game action & some fun MTTs to boot.

Short Deck or 6+ Hold 'em is a game variation that enjoys a lot of popularity in some parts of the world, most notably in Asia. You may have seen this game played on live streams of events such as the Triton Poker Series, and now you can enjoy it at WPT Global.

Short Deck is one of the app’s three poker variations, the other two being regular Hold 'em and Pot-Limit Omaha. But what some players might find particularly interesting is that the action is not limited only to cash game tables.

You will find a decent number of daily Short Deck tournaments, including some featuring progressive KOs and some fast-paced action. The good news is that you do not have to be a Short Deck master to do well in these, as there seems to be a decent number of recreational players in the mix, just looking to have some fun.

So, if you have been looking for a change of pace and are tired of the same old variations, head over to WPT Global and jump straight into some 6+ Hold 'em action, as tournaments and cash games are available around the clock!

Not signed up yet? Take advantage of the WPT Global deposit bonus for new players and get in on the action.

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“Mode Push”: PokerStars Leans Into Red Bull Racing Partnership

If you love both poker and F1 racing, then you won't want to miss this.

PokerStars continues to ramp up Red Bull Racing cross-over promotions, as the F1 season continues in full force.

If you follow PokerStars Twitter account, you will get loads of Red Bull Racing-themed content in the run-up to race weekends. For those of you not in the know, PokerStars became a Team Partner for the F1 Red Bull Racing team earlier this year.

The French GP took place last weekend and PokerStars did not shy away from hyping up the efforts of Red Bull Racing drivers Sergio “Checo” Perez and Max Verstappen.

Over the race weekend, PokerStars ran a checkered flag $50K free roll as well as adding an extra $25K to the pot in honor of Verstappen finishing in P1.

If you love F1 and love Red Bull Racing, then follow along with PokerStars for all the poker X F1-related content.

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Will Marle Spragg Get Signed to PokerStars?

Our spidey senses are tingling and we think it might be in the cards.

Has anyone else noticed that Marle Spragg — YouTube poker content creator, extraordinaire — is wearing a PokerStars patch — and has been in all the latest videos she has put out from her time at the World Series of Poker 2022?

Well, we sure have.

With her husband Spraggy — a long-time PokerStars Team Pro — Marle getting a permanent patch may not just be supposition.

PokerStars have been known to sign powerful poker couples to their books — despite clearing house in recent years and pairing back its sponsored pro roster considerably.

Back in the days when Igor Kurganov played poker (rather than advised Elon Musk on how to spend his billions), he became a PokerStars Ambassador following in his girlfriend Liv Boeree footsteps — who had been a PokerStars Pro for nine years before leaving the company — and the poker industry — in 2019.

But most importantly, the content Marle creates taps into PokerStars’ niche of aligning themselves with YouTube stars, such as recent pairings with True Geordie and Sideman.

Increasingly, PokerStars are becoming an “entertainment first” company, so having someone like Marle Spragg on the books may make a lot of sense as they continue to invest in social media influencers.

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