Watch EPT Barcelona Main Event: Day 3 Live Streaming

Join the excitement as the €5300 EPT Barcelona Main Event enters Day 3, and catch the live streaming coverage.

The EPT Barcelona 2023 Main Event, taking place at the esteemed Casino Barcelona, is now progressing into Day 3. Players have already secured their spots in the money, ensuring a minimum payout of €8,850 each. The competition is intensifying as participants vie for the coveted first-place prize amounting to €1,488,000.

For those eager to witness the unfolding drama, the live-streaming coverage is available. Simply head over to PokerStars’ Twitch or YouTube channels, where you can follow the proceedings in near real-time (subject to a minor delay).

The daily live stream will continue until September 3, commencing at 12:30 CEST each day (with the exception of the Final Day, when coverage begins at 13:00 EST). Providing expert commentary from the booth are Stapes and Hartigan, guiding you through the action-packed event.

Here’s the live stream schedule for the PokerStars Twitch and YouTube channels:

  • Wednesday August 30
    • 12:30 CEST: €5K Main Event — Day 3
  • Thursday August 31
    • 12:30 CEST: €5K Main Event — Day 4
  • Friday September 1
    • 12:30 CEST: €5K Main Event — Day 5
  • Saturday September 2
    • 12:30 CEST: €5K Main Event — Day 6
  • Sunday September 3
    • 13:00 CEST: €5K Main Event — Final Table
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EPT Barcelona 2023 Main Event Exceeds €10M Prize Pool Again

Maintaining a remarkable trend, the EPT Main Event has achieved an impressive milestone for the second consecutive year, with over 2000 entries.

The conclusive figures for the 2023 EPT Barcelona Main Event have been finalized, and while it did not set a new record this time around, it remains a remarkable chapter in the event’s extensive history, securing its position as the second-largest EPT Main Event ever held.

As the late registration concluded on Day 2, the entrant count comfortably exceeded the enchanting 2000 mark, marking the second successive year this feat was accomplished. The final tally stood at 2120 participants, culminating in an expansive prize pool of €10,282,000. The event champion is poised to walk away with a breathtaking €1.4 million from this prize pool.

At the time of writing, the tournament is on the verge of reaching the bubble phase, with a total of 303 players securing profit from the competition. Even the minimum cash prize holds substantial value, at €8850.

The action in the tournament will persist until September 3, when the winner will be officially crowned as the esteemed champion of the EPT 2023 Barcelona Main Event.

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