Daniel Negreanu Talks Happiness, Poker and “American Sayings”

Daniel Negreanu is unfiltered. That’s why he is loved and, on occasion, loathed. Sometimes though, even the most popular poker player on the planet needs to check himself before he wrecks himself.

In what is an otherwise pretty standard Negreanu interview with PokerStrategy Poland, where a relaxed Daniel graciously answers some of the same old questions – about being vegan, who he hates playing against, how to maintain enthusiasm for poker – one question and answer sticks out like a sore thumb.

Around the 5:55 mark Daniel is asked if he notices any particular stereotype when playing against Polish players, the Team PokerStars Pro cracks a bit of a bad joke, not maliciously mind you, where he references a “saying” in America which is pretty insulting to the entire Polish people.

It’s probably not meant as an insult but it was a poor choice of words and, honestly, it’s simply bizarre. Check it out and decide for yourself – not cool or whatevs?

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