Daniel Negreanu: “Personalities in poker just aren’t as unique any more”

Kid Poker opens up to Bluff Europe in new interview.

Daniel Negreanu has never been one to hold his tongue. His latest interview with Bluff Europe is no exception as Kid Poker blasts off on a number of topics. While nothing here is completely inflammatory, he talks about the virtues of his affiliation with the Las Vegas institution Choice Center, how the new generation of internet kids are eroding the game of poker and what he really wants to talk about in an interview (spoiler: it’s chicks, man).

Here’s a few choice excerpts—on regaining his confidence:

I think the biggest thing was related to confidence, and I didn’t realise the connection. There was a woman who broke my heart, and I didn’t realise how much that had an effect of my view of myself and my own self worth. I just thought, how could something like that affect my poker game? But when I lost confidence because of that, it just had an effect on my entire life. Breaking through that was very valuable for me.

On dealing with tournament aggression:

Poker’s had a change in the last couple of years – a lot of the kids who’d be six-betting and five-betting and thinking that’s really cool, they’ve either gone broke or learnt that that’s really stupid and stopped doing it. You can’t be a consistent tournament player and play like that. It’s just reckless and stupid… I think a lot of the younger players are just wasting time, and then they’re going on about ‘balancing their timing tells’. I’m like, you don’t know shit about tells, okay? You’re an internet geek, and now you’re wasting all of our time.

And on the state of personality in poker:

I miss the old days. I think poker was in a better place in the old days. Not just because of the fact that we had more personalities, but people came from different walks of life, whereas today the story is the same.

There’s a ton more including who he thinks is the best poker players, his thoughts on Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom—even if he thinks Tony G will make a good member of Lithuanian Parliament:.

For the full interview, it’s a solid read, check out Bluff Europe.

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