PokerStars Gets Into The Poker Lingo Game

Two out of three ain't bad.

This video is strictly for beginners. Online behemoth PokerStars takes a page from the recent campaign where they try to get new players to talk the talk. “Nuts”, “Hole Cards” and “Set” are the words of the day but…well…we think they kinda mess one up!

In the video you’ll hear the announcer say that “a set is simply another term for three of a kind.” You know that even though they show a correct example of a pair in the hole and a third on the board that new players will yammer on about how they have a “set” when they hold one and two appear on the board. (aka the classic trips vs. set argument)

Maybe PokerStars should have stuck to one of the other most basic, easy-to-learn, non-disputable words/phrases out there like: Felted, Tilt, Busto, Death By Quads or Snapped Off. You know, terms that will really get a new player to get excited about the game.

se·man·tics: The meaning or the interpretation of a word, sentence, or other language form

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